XOR Work Info:
truly properly accounting

Using XOR Work Info and the quality seal „truly properly accounting“, service providers, such as craftsmen, can improve transparency to theirs clients. They allow theirs customers to know about time and location of where they did their work.

e.g. house owner

  • Correct accounting
  • Up to date about progress in project
  • Access from anywhere (mobile/PC)
  • Free and easy to use

The service provider (employee) gives you an order ID. Use his number on workinfo.xor.ch to get all information about the progress of the work. Similar to the tracking system of package delivery companies you are able to see when and where the work for your order has been done.

That’s how you can monitor the work and be sure that your employee does a proper accounting.

If your service delivery company (employee) jet doesn’t know about XOR Work Info, you can create an order ID on workinfo.xor.ch by our own. Give your employee this number and request the reporting through XOR Work Info.

e.g. craftsmen

  • Confidence due to transparency
  • Entry in the company listing
  • Use of the quality seal
  • Free and easy to use

As a service provider you can create an unique order ID ether on workinfo.xor.ch or on your XOR Work Mate. Give this number to your customer by telling it verbally, by email or by short message.

On your smartphone or tablet you record your work by pressing on the “Start” or “Stop” button. With each click the actual time and your location is stored.

In this way you give your employer/customer the guaranty that you’re properly accounting. The given transparency strengthens the confidence in your services. By using the quality seal you differ to other competitors.

For Developers: API & White Label

Use our free WCF service as programming interface for XOR Work Info.
To the API documentation...

XOR Work Info is also available as a white label product. Logo, colors and shapes of the graphical user interface can be customized. You can operate the solution under your own brand. Your customers recognize the solution as your own product, XOR remains completely in the background.